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Safe Inheritance Corp.

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SIC's Asset Protection Plan is an estate and financial service with special attention to planning for long-term care benefits.  Our process does not replace or duplicate the work of your existing advisors, but expands upon it.  Our specialized expertise can help you find benefits for long-term care when they are needed.

Our process helps identify assets that would disqualify you for benefits.  We help you establish a strategy to protect and preserve your nest egg.  We assist you in arranging important documents in advance so that the burden is reduced for your family.  Should you find yourself at need for benefits, we can provide technical support to answer questions and assist your loved ones through the process.

We begin by examining the nature, type, value, and titling of your existing assets.  We interview you to understand your objectives, including who you want to receive your assets, and when you want them to be received.  We interview you to understand your family dynamics and any challenges that might affect your plan.  We then discuss possible alternatives and allow you to choose the course of action most acceptable to you and your family.

Our process includes:

Discovery and itemization of assets

Examination of types and amounts of assets

Identification of "available" and "unavailable" assets

Review of important documents in your existing plan

Assistance in acquiring documentation necessary for benefits

Strategy for protection of assets

Strategy for protection of real property, including your home

Documents required for implementation of plan

Documentation required for application for benefits

Our objectives are:

Benefits to help pay for care when needed

Identification of benefit programs that exist and how to access them

Protection of assets without spend down

Protection against estate recovery

Simplified after-death estate process

Strategy for compliance with look-back period

We do not:

Take away your control

Violate your privacy

Replace your existing advisors

Dispose of your existing estate and financial planning

Attempt to defraud the State

Move all your savings into an annuity

Take any action without your full approval

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