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March, 2012
Safe Inheritance Corp. Newsletter

Paying for Care

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In this issue...

Certified Medicaid Planner

A new designation just became available for professionals in my industry - Certified Medicaid Planner.  I heard about it last year, and was very enthusiastic about having such an extended course of education in my industry.  (By the way, Medi-Cal is the federal Medicaid program in California.)

The course is an overview of federal Medicaid rules for all 50 states.  And, it covers asset protection techniques to help those who need care.  Since each state has slightly different rules, there is a lot to cover!

I'm pleased to announce that in December I completed this course.  Here's what I can share with you - California has the most generous rules in the nation!  However, some changes are on the horizon that will I expect will be less generous.  If you wish to protect your assets for your family, I would urge you to do so in 2012.   If you want to discuss your situation, call me anytime.

Getting Healthy: Remember the Pedometer?

It's been around for decades - a little gadget to pin to your shoe or clothing that counts how many steps you've taken.  I even bought one at a dollar store a few years ago.

I never thought they worked very well.  They weren't very accurate usually, and if you didn't take a big enough step or land right, they wouldn't count the steps at all!  Things have changed!

I had coffee with a friend who had a Fitbit.  It uses 3 axis technology that is similar to the new Kinect video games, so it measures all your body movements, stores them, and will tell you how many calories you've burned, steps taken, etc.  It will also upload all the info to your computer if you have a wireless link.

I didn't want to spend the $100, so I dug around on the internet and found an Omron - it's basically an updated pedometer.  It measures all the steps I take daily, and can differentiate between casual steps and brisk walking.  The target should be about 5 miles a day - about 15,000 steps.  After using it for a few days, I discovered that on days like today, when I'm at the computer, I average about 2,000 steps!  That's a problem.

This experience has kicked me into another gear on addressing my personal fitness.  I would really encourage you to consider investing $35 or so in your health, especially if you are a senior.  Regular exercise can make a great deal of difference in both our quality and length of life!  And if you would like to know what I bought, email me.  OK, I gotta grab my walking shoes…

“I’ll NEVER be in a Nursing Home!” (ADL’s Pt. 2)

If you read our last newsletter, you may remember something called ADL's, or Activities of Daily Living.  If you missed it, just click here.

Hundreds of seniors have told me they will never go to a nursing home.  If they need help, they'll stay in assisted living till they die - period!  Unfortunately, they don't understand the long-term care system.  If your ADL's become too severe, assisted facilities must transfer you to skilled care or their licensing might jeopardized.

That usually scares seniors who think that all skilled facilities are dark holes they wish to avoid.  Of course, no one is excited to be in one, but you should know that not all skilled facilities are equal.  In some, residents play bridge or dominoes together.  There are buffet meals.  The staff is involved and compassionate.

We all fear the inability to care for ourselves.  But top-rated facilities exist that can help you receive excellent care.  In fact, our government even gives 5-star ratings to help us.  And State benefits exist to help pay for this care.  Isn't that good news?

Our Company deals with skilled facilities on a daily basis.  If you know someone who needs help finding a high level of care, have them give us a call.

If you would like to discuss this, or any other article in this newsletter, just call (888) 887-0890, ext. 9.

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