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June, 2011
Safe Inheritance Corp. Newsletter

Paying for Care

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Our Premier Issue!

Welcome to our very first publication!  We strive to give you information on ways to protect your family's money, improve your health, and more!

In this issue...

The Sandwich Generation

Definition: A generation of people responsible for supporting their own children (or grandchildren) while also caring for a parent.

Have you heard this term?  Pew Research Center estimates that it applies to 1 out of 8 Americans between the ages of 40 and 60.  What an epidemic this term represents!  No thanks to our economy, many families have had to take in a child or grandchild.  And medical science is causing all of us to live longer - most notably our parents.  Sandwiched in between these groups is a generation of folks trying desperately to cope with the stresses and financial strains.

We hope this newsletter can offer help to families who find themselves in this situation.  Long-term care is a field with its own language, methods, and secrets.  In this and future issues, we hope to give you information that will empower your family. And we will educate you about how to find help to pay for it!

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Can We Slow or Stop Alzheimer’s?

Is it possible to slow Alzheimer's, or maybe eliminate it from your future? Medical science is working feverishly to solve this terrible illness, but there might be something we can do in the meantime.  

A recent Bloomberg article announced that walking five miles per week has positive results for those who already have been diagnosed with the disease.  It went further to say that this regimen seemed to stave off brain illness for healthy individuals.

It is estimated that Alzheimer's Disease affects as many as five million Americans.  While there is still no conclusive cure, this announcement does say there is something they can do to improve their futures.  Even more, it should serve as a reminder to those of us who want to avoid Alzheimer's like the plague, that it's time to lace up our walking shoes…

Nursing Care Costs Rise 9.22%

The State just announced that the Average Private Pay Rate, the amount paid statewide by patients for nursing home care, was raised to $6,840 in 2011.  This represents a 9.22% increase over last year's rate of $6,311. The previous year's rate was 9.0%.

The implications here are staggering.  If you have a long-term care policy with a 5% inflation factor, you lost some serious ground in the past year.  Also, if you were planning on paying for care out of your pocket, you need to be making 9.22% after taxes on your investments to keep pace.  In today's market place, it is unlikely you were even close in the past year.

If you know someone paying for such care, or if they are paying for it now, we can help!  Call us to discuss the situation - no cost, no obligation.

$5 Million Estate/Gifting Exemption - Thanks Obama!

If you were paying attention in December, there was news of an 11th hour compromise between President Obama and Congress regarding estate taxes. Thanks to the new bill, estates of under $5 Million can expect ZERO estate tax liability.  Even more important to seniors, the gifting limit was raised from $1 Million in 2010 to $5 Million lifetime exemption in 2011.

This opens tremendous planning opportunities for seniors. In past years of high real estate values, just gifting a home to your kids might have put you over the limit.  Today, with low values and a $5 Million exemption, possibilities exist that we might never see again in our lifetimes.  If you'd like to discuss options, call our offices.

If you would like to discuss this, or any other article in this newsletter, just call (888) 887-0890, ext. 9.

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