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970 Reserve Drive

Suite 100

Roseville, CA 95678

(888) 887-0890

Safe Inheritance Corp.

For a free consultation, call (888) 887-0890 Ext. 9

Safe Inheritance Corp. was formed in 2008 to assist families in finding an alternative to having their estates destroyed by a long-term illness.  While the corporation is relatively new, its team of professionals is not new to financial services, or to long-term care planning.  Thousands of families have benefited from their expertise.  And all families who adhere to their strategies receive benefits.

Our Company operates by the "Golden Rule" - treat others the way you would want to be treated.  We realize the best way to assure our future success is to keep our clients very happy.  And we know that the best way to grow as a Company is through word-of-mouth advertising!  Not only is it the right way to treat folks, it's just good business sense.

970 Reserve Drive Suite 100

Roseville, CA 95678

Toll Free:  (888) 887-0890

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