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Long-Term Care Benefits

The State of California provides long-term care benefits for its residents.  In fact, about 2 of every 3 patients in nursing facilities receive these benefits.  

Often applicants are told they must have less than $2,000 to be eligible.  They may have a home and a car, but these might be jeopardized after the patient's death due to an estate claim presented on behalf of the State.  Ironically, if you have no savings or a home, benefits may cost nothing.

Protection of Assets

There are methods to protect a patient's assets.  However, such methods are usually beyond the reach of most families because of their complexity.  A working knowledge of many aspects of estate planning, tax planning, and State regulations are necessary in order to assure success.  Because the methods must be followed precisely in the correct manner, many families would still be unsuccessful even with the required information.  Failure in the smallest detail can mean a period of disqualification which could cost thousands.  

"Hiding" Your Assets

Some Californians are tempted to try to hide their assets from the State.  However,  failing to disclose information to the State can result in prosecution.  Others think they can clean out the patient's bank account by writing a check to themselves so the patient has only $2,000 left to their name.  Unfortunately, they are unaware of a "look-back" period of up to five years that will invalidate such transactions.  We highly discourage you from attempting such folly - it is just wrong!

Pass/Fail Only!

Probably the greatest challenge of obtaining benefits is that they are issued on a Pass/Fail basis only!  What you don't know certainly can hurt you.  With nursing homes averaging $7,000 per month, a lot is at stake.  In some cases, such as in protecting the family home, you may not discover you were unsuccessful until it is too late to correct the problem.  

Professional Assistance

When someone you love is at need, you are immediately thrown into an emotional turmoil.  Worrying about how to pay for care is the last thing you need.  Let that be our job!  Our clients tell us they find great peace of mind in having our help.  We can help lighten the burden and reduce the anxiety.  

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Please DON'T Spend Down!

If you have been told you must spend down to $2,000 to obtain benefits, please know there are alternatives!  Even if an eligibility worker told you this information, please know you still have choices.  

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Don’t Spend Down!!!

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