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Our mission is to help Seniors and their families avoid the heartache and helplessness brought on by the costs of long-term care.

We provide peace of mind to those we serve by helping them make certain their legacies are safe from the financial devastation caused by a long-term illness.

If you or someone you love is in a nursing home or paying for long-term care now, please click on the "No Spend Down!" tab.

Benefits are available in California to pay for many types of care.  Even if you have been told you're not eligible, we can help! Regardless of what you've heard, there are solutions!

Long-term care costs represent the greatest financial obstacle most seniors face.  But a recent report says that only 7% of families have any kind of plan in place.

What you don't know about this problem really can hurt your family.  For education regarding long-term care, click on "The Problem" tab.

Benefits Exist!

Medicare does NOT pay for long-term care.  While it does pay for rehabilitation, the limitation is 100 days or less.  When rehab ends, the patient becomes responsible for "custodial care" (or what we call long-term care).  Statistically,  2 out of 5 seniors will need care for two years or more.  For many, the costs can run hundreds of thousands over that time.

Fortunately, long-term care benefits exist in the State of California.  In fact, about 2 out of every 3 patients in a nursing facility are receiving these benefits already.  

Many who attempt to get these benefits on their own are encouraged to spend their life's savings before benefits begin, often draining their assets until they face bankruptcy.  After death, the family home is jeopardized due to an estate claim.

This does not have to be the case!  You can receive benefits and protect your assets.  But you'll need professional help.   

You need Safe Inheritance Corp.

Finding Answers

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the questions families ask are found on this page.  If you are looking for answers about what we do, this page will help.  

Our Blog

In SIC's Blog, we discuss many aspects of long-term care.  

We share our experiences in this field regarding the financial and emotional challenges that families face who are at need.

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